Koukla INK

We're excited to welcome Koukla Ink to Barber Lounge!

About Koukla Ink

Creativity is about thinking outside the box, and the act of creating is to build something out of passion which didn’t previously exist. The medium is not what is important but rather the work and the impact it has.

With a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa, Koukla has been well versed in artistic expression. She has been creating professionally for over a decade; whether it be through analogue photography, oil painting, music or tattooing, she is constantly producing. After graduating she spent some time in Berlin and in London painting and this is where she adopted tattooing as a medium. Now, four years later, in a private studio in The Barber Lounge she is continuing tattooing in black and grey as well as colour, all custom designs. She enjoys working with clients to create custom pieces, or tattooing her drawings and illustrations.

The name Koukla comes from a nickname that she was given as a child from her grandparents and her father. The direct Greek translation means doll, and is used as a term of endearment. Going by her childhood nickname speaks to the sentiment of holding on to the kind of curiosity, questioning, and creativity that we have as children. It is also a reminder of softness, and strength in vulnerability, which is something that she felt she had to suppress to be a tattooer. Upon creating her own space, Koukla has been able to be her authentic self, and her practice has been flourishing ever since.

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